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Welcome to Kidz Rock


Kidz Rock – Is an opportunity for the next generation of aspiring contemporary young musicians to perform in a fun, supportive and encouraging format, with a focus on fun, education, mahitahi, inspiration and entertainment.

The idea behind Kidz Rock was to encourage Primary and Intermediate aged kids in the BOP area onto the stage, teaching them performance & music skills and a “Day to acknowledge the magic created by the melody and the Rock Star within all of us” We are proud to give young people across the Bay of Plenty and beyond the opportunity to unleash their inner music makers and chase their dreams.


*Great Guitar
*Killer Keyboard
*Dynamic Drumming
*Booming Bass
*Superb Singing
*Superb Songwriting
*Perfecting your   Performance
*Massive Mixing

The Event

The “Kidz Rock Event” is an annual day/night event, which aims to provide a goal for young contemporary musicians to focus on, offer incentives for them, build their confidence and provide them with inspiration from their Peers and Music Tutors.

What Happens - A Renowned Band or Performer kicks the Event off with a short performance, which leads to an “On the Couch” interview and question time. A valuable session for the kids.

Then it’s on to Sound Checks for each Band followed by Workshops conducted by local musicians who volunteer their time and talent to up-skill the children attending.


The Workshops cover a wide range from Songwriting, Shredding Guitar, Dynamic Drumming, Stage Presence, Perfecting your Vocals, Booming Bass to Sound Engineering / Mixing. Then its on to dressing up for the main event, The Kidz Rock Concert

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